The Truth About…Stairs

Getting older isn’t something most of us want to think about. We like the idea of always being active and youthful. We even think of our parents as remaining healthy and spry. When we’re out shopping for a new home,… Read More »

New? Pre-Owned? How to Choose…

If you, Are lured by the shiny new home in the brochure and it calls to you, or Pass by the fluttering flags of that new sub-division, and your car automatically turns in, and A walk through model homes every… Read More »

Learning Your Neighborhood Before an Emergency, Part 2

As a new homeowner, you may not know what to do when the unforeseen happens. Knowing what to do in a household emergency can save valuable time and may even reduce expensive repairs to hidden damage. Household Emergencies From plumbing… Read More »

Learning Your Neighborhood Before an Emergency, Part 1

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Organic Organizing

Organic — denoting a relation between elements of something such that they fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a whole. — characterized by continuous or natural development. Some people are born organizers…others of us struggle with the concept our… Read More »

Easy Home Improvements to Drive Away the Winter Blues

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Create a Clean Canvass for Your Buyer

For many of us, bright, beautiful colors bring joy to our lives. When we make our homes our own, we tend toward the colors that make us happy. When we think about selling our home, however, we need to understand… Read More »

Buying with Reselling in Mind

If you know that the home you are buying my have to be sold within a few years, you have a few extra items you need to pay attention to prior to purchasing. This is particularly true if you’ll need… Read More »

Fitting Your Furniture in Your New Home

It seemed so perfect on the showroom floor… Then you get it home and no matter how you try it, you just can’t make that furniture fit in the space of your new home! What to do? Plan ahead (duh!)… Read More »

Take Advantage of January Appliance Deals

Now that you’ve done all the hard work of qualifying for the loan, securing the mortgage and putting the deal in motion…you can start to shop for the new items you’ll need for your new home. First up are kitchen… Read More »