Thanksgiving Home Safety Tips

Thanksgiving Home Safety Tips It is finally that time of the year when sweaters are pulled out, nightfall often comes before you get home, and numerous weekends are spend raking up leaves. In the blink of an eye Thanksgiving will… Read More »

When Interest Rates Go Up On Fallbrook Homes

The Feds have been pretty indecisive about moving interest rates up on your Fallbrook Homes, but the down-low is that they plan to make the move upwards in December. No matter where you are in the market, whether you’re buying… Read More »

How To Organize Your Fallbrook Home

Whether you’re planning to sell your Fallbrook home and want to make it show-ready, or just want to get organized to simplify the holidays, check out these creative options for extra storage: Under Bed Locker That space under your bed… Read More »

Moving House Packing, Moving & Storing Like A Pro

Moving House: packing, moving and storing like a pro by Flexispace.

Spooky or Spectacular?

Sometimes, a neighborhood appears awesome…but might be hiding some spooky, ghostly elements! You can’t know, for instance, how welcoming some neighborhoods are to families with small children unless you see small children there. If you’ve only visited the neighborhood during… Read More »

Keeping It In Balance: Knowing Your Credit-to-Debt Ratio

Many potential new homebuyers find themselves unable to secure a loan, confined to a smaller home ? or at least to a smaller loan ? because they don’t understand the ins and outs of their credit score. First of all,… Read More »

It’s Elemental: New Homeowner’s Basic Maintenance Guide

Buying a home is an exciting experience. You save up your downpayment, wade through thousands of listings, find and hire a buyer’s agent, search for the perfect home, make and offer, get accepted and take the plunge. Now, you’ve moved… Read More »

Lighten Up Dark Spaces Naturally

You saved up your money and survived the rigors of mortgage underwriting, packed up your apartment, loaded the truck and moved into your new home. After several urgent days of unpacking, rearranging furniture and filling cupboards, you settle into your… Read More »

Can I Buy a Home with an FHA Loan If I have a Student Loan?

This year the Federal Housing Administration made adjustments to its underwriting handbook that significantly affect potential buyers that have outstanding student loans. Changes became effective September 14, 1015. The bottom line is, “yes” you can buy a home, even with… Read More »

Back-to-School Organization

With school starting, it’s time to do a little reorganizing to make early mornings and after-school activities run smoothly. When starting school after moving to a new home, consider some of the additional challenges your children face and plan accordingly…. Read More »