Help in Choosing Your New Neighborhood

With all of the tools available online and off for finding your new home, you can spend lots of time thinking about the type of house you want, planning how many bedrooms, what type of flooring, what appliances come with… Read More »

Experienced Agents Help You Sell

  According to the Wall Street Journal, experienced veteran real estate agents “vastly outsell their rookie counterparts,” and not only are they almost twice as likely to successfully sell your home, experienced agents also Sell homes for an average 12.4% more in price… Read More »

Luxury Homes in San Diego, CA | Del Mar Thoroughbred Club CEO Lists Home for $25 Million

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Kim Carlson and Ken Follis | Lifestyle of a Real Estate Entrepreneur

I could not be happier to be featured in Real Living Lifestyle`s series, ”Lifestyle of a Real Estate Entrepreneur” with my amazing partner, Ken Follis.  

Eclectic Encinitas, CA Home Hits the Market for Almost $4 Mill. How Would You Describe the Design?

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Local Oceanside Business Makes Lasting Impression on Community- My Interview with the Bagbys

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Farmers` Markets In San Diego County – Supporting Our Local Community

San Diego County is home to some of the best Farmers` Markets; our optimal Mediterranean weather conditions makes San Diego an ideal spot for agricultural crops and livestock products. San Diego is actually ranked as the 12th largest farm economy… Read More »

Top 10 Luxury Homes in Carlsbad, CA on the Market Right Now!

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New Mortgage Lending Rules and Qualifying for a Home Loan if You Don`t Fit the Standard Buyer Profile

You can still qualify for a home loan despite the new mortgage lending rules that are somewhat strict even if you don`t fit the standard buyer profile. The new home loan lending restrictions went into effect on January 10th, 2014; put… Read More »

Warren Buffett Might be Offering $1 Billion to the One who Makes a Perfect Bracket but He still Lives in his $31,500 Home

Warren Buffett Might be Offering $1 Billion to the One who Makes a Perfect Bracket but He still Lives in his  $31,500 Home You might only have a 1 in 9.2 quintillion chance but if you’re a basketball fan, you… Read More »